Roselis Cortez-Landaverde

Licensed Salesperson

Roselis was born and raised in Venezuela, but had often visited New York City throughout her childhood. She moved to the United States when she was 13 -- her first stop was a Baptist military boarding school in Texas! She eventually made her way to New York, where she lived in Chelsea and worked in the fashion and hospitality industries.

Before her arrival at Bold, she honed her skill at Town Real Estate; she loves assisting first-time buyers and investors on the sales side. Although originally she preferred to reside below 23rd St and called Chelsea and the West Village home for a long time, she fell in love with the neighborhood vibe of the Upper West Side, where she now resides, as well as the diverse offerings and excitement of the new Hudson Yards. Roselis has vast experience in the buying, selling and leasing of commercial properties, co-ops, condos and brownstones.

Roselis loves New York but she also loves to travel, swim, and practice hot yoga. She runs in races aimed at raising money for various charities. “I’m fanatical about food for health and healing,” she says; her husband is a chef-turned-Integrative Registered Dietician, who has joined her on her journey of discovering foods that heal.