Agent Photo

Nishila Sabharwal

Managing Director, Brooklyn

Nishila joins Bold with 12+ years of experience. In that time, she has established a reputation as a transformational sales leader who is not only undeterred by challenge but driven by it. She has extensive experience in sales and property development in the luxury residential marketspace. She has always been valued for her dedication, initiative and team leadership, often ranking as a high achiever contributing to bottom line revenues and productivity.

Her personality is an enigma of things that wouldn’t ordinarily fit together, so it makes sense that she sees the world the very same way. You wouldn’t think someone this hard working would know so much about Instagram influencers.

Nishila has a unique ability to build consensus within teams, while liaising with developers to promote transparency. Her expertise encompasses all aspects of property development from project management, to marketing and sales, to design scope. She loves design because, like her, it depends on seeming opposites for balance. She likes finding those compliments and putting them together. Whether it’s the art of the power clash, or opposing talents on a development team, she is a composer of harmony.