Nathan Holt

Licensed Salesperson

As a San Francisco native, Nathan grew up around one of the nation’s great housing marketing booms, and thus his interest in real estate manifested at an early age. This first-hand experience fundamentally shaped Nathan’s desire to connect people to one of the most necessary human needs: shelter. Nathan attended the University of Colorado at Boulder where he studied business and real estate. After college, Nathan continued east to New York City where he initially pursued a career in fashion. While working in digital marketing and advertising at some of the most recognizable luxury fashion companies he decided to make the switch, and focus on real estate full time. This has allowed Nathan the opportunity to combine many of his passions into one career. After several years in New York City, Nathan intimately understands the real estate market and is an expert within the downtown Manhattan space. Nathan takes great pride in is his innate ability to effortlessly guide his clients through the complexities of buying, renting, or selling in New York City.