Edan Hai

Licensed Salesperson

Edan Hai was born and raised in New York and is proud to call it his home. Going off to school in Eastern Long Island, Edan graduated from Stony Brook University and earned a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Biology. Using the constructive thinking and analytical skills he’s learned, he applies it to the business world of real estate to provide his clients with the sufficient knowledge they need to always make the right decision. He believes in long lasting relationships that are built on trust and honesty, and knows how important the decision for finding a new home is. Edan isn’t new to the business world however. He’s been a salesman at his father’s men’s clothing store since the age of 13 and was in the real estate market in Queens and Brooklyn before joining Bold New York. Business has always come natural to him and customer service is what he prides himself on. Edan also has an adventurous side with traveling being one of his passions. With trips to Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, Israel, Mexico, Philippines, Spain, Thailand, Vietnam and more, he loves traveling and hopes to continue taking in other cultures from around the globe.