Agent Photo

Christopher Needham

Licensed Salesperson

Chris is a charismatic, self educated, self starter who began his real estate career in 2004 by purchasing single family homes in Charlotte, NC for resale and rental.

His residential experience quickly evolved into the acquisition of a small 13 unit apartment building in 2006 which began his expansion into multifamily real estate as well as property management. After 52 homes, his focus began to shift to projects that would be razed for ground up construction. This ignited his interest in real estate development and fostered a natural progression which lead to a partnership in a much larger multi-family portfolio. As a investor in approx 750 residential units, Chris found himself in a position where he needed to raise additional funds to complete the projects. He saw this as an opportunity to gain experience in capital fundraising; another area he proved to be successful at by gaining and closing the deal with majority share for his group.
Chris has found it rewarding to have played an integral role in turning around these high profile, once defunct properties, which are still a success today.

Aside from his passion for real estate and architecture, a few of his hobbies include reading, running and traveling. He prefers to explore off the beaten path wherever he goes. Places he’s visited include Morocco, Costa Rica, England, Belgium, Amsterdam, Thailand, the Caribbean, Scotland, Italy, Hungary, Germany and Spain.