Carrie Gerardi

Licensed Salesperson

Well acquainted with New York’s 5 Burroughs, Carrie specializes in northern Brooklyn focusing on both residential and commercial properties. Living and working in the area for many years has not only kept her in tune with the market but has also given her a deep appreciation for what each individual neighborhood has to offer.

Carrie strives to connect with everyone she works with. She relates to people easily and listens. She believes the most essential aspect—and the most rewarding part—of the business, is the building and maintaining of relationships. She understands helping someone find the right space is very important. Whether moving to from a one bedroom to a two bedroom to accommodate a growing family or seeking the perfect and most lucrative spot to open or expand a business, people are invested in these decisions so she too invests on a personal level.

Growing up in Chicago, city life has always been the standard for Carrie. She was drawn to Brooklyn because she feels that while it’s urban it also offers a strong sense of community. Forever involved with the art and music scene, at ease among the crowds and the culture, she has happily found her home in NY... and is currently enjoying the opportunity to help others find theirs.